Services for Businesses

Tax, Accounting & Consulting

Small Business Accounting

Let us focus on the financial details so you can focus on running your business or nonprofit. We are experts in small business accounting, especially in QuickBooks, and know how to get the details right. As a result, your financial reports are more meaningful and decision-making is clearer.

Tax Return Preparation

Business income tax returns are one of our specialties. Whether your business is a C Corp, an S Corp, a Partnership, a Trust, a Nonprofit, or anything in-between, we keep up with the IRS regulations so you don’t have to. We have the knowledge, the software and the resources to take the pain out of tax preparation.

Tax Planning & Problem Solving

Before we prepare your tax return, where we can really add value is in working with you to plan your tax strategy for the year. Don’t ignore your taxes all year and risk a nasty surprise on April 15. We can look at your complete financial picture and implement strategies to minimize taxes and schedule estimated tax payments.

IRS Negotiations & Consulting

Sometimes the IRS surprises businesses with complaints and issues. Don’t go it alone with the IRS. We have a track record of successful negotiations with the IRS and state revenue officials. We can’t make all of your problems go away, but we will be your advocate and guide you through the process.


Do you have more things to worry about than making sure payroll is run accurately every week? We’ll take this critical but time-consuming process off your hands and make sure hours and withholdings are handled correctly.

Sales and Use Tax Consulting

Having trouble with Sales/Use tax? So do most CPAs. Pro 31 is unique in having many years of experience in this area that is foreign to most CPAs and accountants. Let Pro 31 give you a hand.

IRS, DOL, DOR Tax Audit Advocates

Have you received notice of an audit from the IRS, DOL, DOR or other regulatory authority? Don’t risk going it alone. We have experience and a proven track record in dealing with all of these entities. If your attorney is advising you, we can work with him or her to provide the needed financial expertise.

Outsource CFO Services

Many small businesses and nonprofits need a chief financial officer a few days per month but not every day. Pro 31 can fill that role and provide needed third party expertise and perspective. Call Pro 31 and get the expertise you need to help your business grow.

Small Business Consulting

Is your business “stuck” and you don’t know how to make it grow? We are a small business ourselves and we assist many small business leaders on a variety of topics, not just financial, but also on growth strategies and ideas. We don’t have all the answers, but we can provide a fresh perspective on your situation.

Small Business Start-up

Ready to take the plunge and start the small business you have always dreamed of? We will work with your attorney to ensure the basics are covered: formation of legal entity, C corp vs S corp vs LLC elections, set up accounting records, remit sales tax, etc.

Quickbooks Training

Is your accounting staff capable but they need a little help? We are happy to offer a hand. We will teach you to set up QuickBooks, improve processes, input data accurately and produce reports that are meaningful.