About Pro 31

Pro 31 desires to build a relationship with each client with integrity and trust at the core. We want to be part of each client’s executive team. Pro 31 is a small business and is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and grow. Each client is unique. Like a thumbprint, Pro 31 will identify and work with the intricacies of each client. We emphasize personal service. We take time to get to know each client individually so we can better serve them.

Pro 31 keeps its services affordable so we can serve small business, nonprofit organizations and individuals. We understand that cash flow is critical, taxes and IRS compliance are important and complex, and clients expect us to cover the financial issues so they can focus on running and growing their organizations. Many clients come to us who were disappointed in the high fees and lack of personal service provided by larger firms. Pro 31 is not always the least expensive, but we strive to provide strong value for our clients.

The staff at Pro 31 is key to serving our clients well. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience at all levels of accounting for both individuals and businesses. Your issues are complex, and our staff is up to the task of assisting you. When we don’t know the answer to your situation, we know where to find the answers and we have a network of other professionals who can assist in their areas of expertise.


Meet The Team