Small Business Tax Preparation in Overland Park

Small Business Tax Preparation in Overland Park & Surrounding Areas

The tax system is complex for individuals.For small businesses, the tax preparation process is even more difficult. Many owners choose to do their own small business tax preparation, as they are trying to save money that could be invested in their business. This is why many small business owners choose Pro 31 in Louisburg, KS to help with their tax preparation services. 

However, many small businesses in America end up overpaying on their taxes every year, mainly because they want to play it safe and reduce the risk of underpaying or a potential audit.  Pro 31 Tax and Accounting LLC specializes in Olathe, Paola, and Overland Park small business tax preparation and will be a reliable partner when filing your business’s taxes year after year. 

Maximizing Your Refund

If you are handling your own small business tax preparation in Overland Park or surrounding areas and end up owing the IRS money every year, it can be damaging to your business’s budget. Or even if you get a refund every year, how do you know that you are getting the maximum amount each time? When you work with Pro 31, we will search every avenue to make sure your business gets every possible dollar. 


We’ve already covered how complex small business tax preparation can be, and with any complex task comes a lot of working hours. You and your staff work hard every week for 40 hours, if not more. Taking on extra duties like small business tax preparation can be a very time-consuming process. Our team at Pro 31 specializes in many financial areas, especially tax preparation. We will be efficient, organized, and stay in touch with you regarding any business tax updates. 

Focus on Your Day-to-Day Operations

As a business owner, you specialize in a craft, whether it’s sales, a specialty service, etc.  Pro 31 Tax and Accounting LLC  is the same way; our craft is watching out for your business’s financial well-being as well as providing top-notch tax preparation services. Our team in Louisburg will allow you to stick to your daily duties at your business while we take on the financial legwork. 

The staff at Pro 3is here to help your business with all your tax preparation needs.  Contact us today and speak to one of our accountants to find out the many ways our tax preparation services can help your business.