Traveling is a great way to spend quality time with your family or to enjoy an adventure all by yourself. However, according to a CPA in Overland Park, it can become very costly. There are some ways to cut the expenses of traveling without sacrificing the things that you really love or enjoy doing. Check out this list of “Do’s” when you are trying to save money on vacation.

Do sign up for emails from the travel companies according to Kiplinger. Flights, hotels, restaurants, and activities all offer periodic discounts that are usually advertised through email. Catching these types of discounts can save you money on flights, hotels, or food purchases. This saves you money when you hit the sale at the right time without sacrificing anything.

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Do remain flexible on the timing of your trip. If you have a range of travel dates, you can pick flights and hotels based on lower-cost times, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the course of your trip. Most airlines offer an online schedule of flexible dates that shows the discount of one date versus another. According to Overland Park CPAs hotels also offer different prices during peak travel seasons versus slower travel seasons. For instance, if you travel during the week instead of the weekend, you can often quite a bit on your nightly hotel rate.

Do consider extra fees and how they might add up. Everything from extra baggage fees, resort fees, parking fees are all a few examples of the fees that can be avoided without cutting down on your vacation fun. When packing for your next trip, consider doing a load of laundry at your hotel instead of overpacking. Another option is to ask the resort if they are running specials on their resort fees. Or, if you are a member, see if they are willing to cut the fee altogether. Sometimes hotels and resorts are willing to accommodate frequent guests of a specific resort or hotel chain.

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Do purchase a package deal but remember to do your research. Often a package deal that offers a flight, hotel, and a car can save you a big chunk of money. There are rare instances in which packages can end up costing you more, so Overland Park accounting firms recommend doing your due diligence and comparing prices before making your final purchase. Most of the time, you can save money with a package deal, so check with a travel agent, or book a package online if it ends up saving you money.

Do your research to see if there are free things to enjoy wherever you are traveling to. You would be amazed at all the free events available in popular tourist areas. Free music, museums, farmers’ markets, and tours are just a few examples of things that might be free or available at a limited cost. Sometimes free events are a fun way to experience a new area. This also gives you a chance to pick the brain of local residents about restaurants or other hidden gems that might be a fun activity to do while touring the area.

Do consider an all-inclusive package, if your trip is to somewhere where there’s a reasonable all-inclusive resort. Overland Park accounting firms recommend that you consider the cost of recreation, hotel, rental cars, food, and drinks, especially if it is for a group or a family. These costs can quickly add up, so sometimes booking a trip at an all-inclusive resort can actually help you save money. Booking an all-inclusive package can help you plan a budget upfront since there should be no additional costs during your trip. You might find this more beneficial than paying a little here and a little there for the duration of your trip.

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