While many of us were relieved to see the calendar roll over to 2021, the book is not completely closed on 2020 just yet.  Every new year brings something many people dread, “filing your taxes.”   

Tax preparation is something that you can try to tackle on your own.  However, many people choose to use professional tax preparation in Overland Park (such as Pro 31 Tax and Accounting in Louisburg, KS) to ensure their taxes are filed both accurately and on-time.  This article will explain the benefits of hiring a professional for Overland Park tax preparation.  Those benefits include:   

  • Less Risk of Error 
  • Taxes are Complicated 
  • Time Savings 
  • Life Changes 

Less Risk of Error in Tax Preparation

If you file taxes on your own, you may be missing out on some important deductions that you were not aware of.  Our knowledgeable staff at Pro 31 in Louisburg specializes in tax preparation in Overland Park and is trained to find every deduction possible for our clients. 

Tax preparation in Overland Park

Taxes are Complicated 

Certain tax forms are simple to fill out, and most people can handle those on their own.  However, tax laws are constantly changing from year to year, and it can be challenging for the average person to stay up to date on all the new regulations.  Hiring a CPA in Overland Park like Pro 31 (based in Louisburg) will give you the peace of mind that your taxes are being filed by specialists who are familiar with the newest state and federal tax laws.  

Time Savings 

It can take several hours to prepare and file your income taxes, especially if you are filing for an entire family.  If you do the math and take your typical hourly wage from your job and multiply it by the number of hours you spend on tax preparation, it could be a pretty significant chunk of change.  You can easily save yourself the time, headache, and worry of filing your taxes by hiring Pro 31, a premier Overland Park tax accountant service based in Louisburg. 

Tax preparation in Overland Park

Life Changes 

Whether you have purchased a new home, got married, or had a new baby, these are all things that can play a significant factor when filing your taxes.  Our Overland Park CPAs at Pro 31 work out of our office in Louisburg and are very familiar with all the write-offs for every possible change in your life and will ensure that you get the maximum return for any life-changing event that occurred in 2020. 

Tax preparation in Overland Park

Contact Pro 31 – Professional Tax Preparation in Overland Park

If filing income taxes seems like a daunting task, and you are looking for help with tax preparation in Overland Parkcontact our Louisburg office at (913) 837-3131.  Our affordable and personalized services are ideal for individuals, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses.   

We wish you all the best during this tax season and look forward to hearing from you!