A group of skills that every professional needs in order to be successful in the workplace; these are known as soft skills. This is also true for a CPA in Overland Park according to the Journal of Accountancy. Most hiring agencies would agree that if you are looking for a job, your soft skills are an essential piece of being a good employee. In an age where most things are done through text, email, or the internet, the strong development of soft skills is dwindling at Overland Park accounting firms. At Pro 31 (an accounting firm just south of Johnson County in Louisburg, KS) we understand the importance of soft skills and working as a team with our valued clients. Here are a few areas to improve in your soft skills:


  • Communication in both written and verbal forms can always be improved. When working as a CPA in Overland Park, there are usually multiple staff members at a firm, and being able to clearly communicate with each other is vital to achieving tasks. Emphasizing deadlines, task completion needs, and everyone’s role is key to avoiding frustrations and miscommunications. When a CPA in Overland Parkcommunicates with clients, it’s important to remember that accounting is your profession, but it is not to others. Therefore, specific laws, language, and paperwork for accountants can be hard for others to understand. Using language that is common knowledge when communicating with clients is important so that communication continues while tasks are completed. It’s a skill that takes work; communicating complicated information in a way that clients clearly and easily understand. One way to practice this is to have a co-worker proofread some emails you are going to send and ask for their honest feedback on how easily your email reads and what you could improve.

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  • Time Management skills are an absolute necessity for accounting firms in Overland Park. The field of accounting as a whole is a very deadline-focused profession. Try keeping a task calendar that makes communication much easier for everyone involved. Be sure that your calendar clearly lines up the deadlines of a project and shows what’s needed by a specific date and time. This is a great way to keep track of upcoming deadlines.


  • Creative and Critical thinking skills are a necessity in today’s job market. Rules, laws, and regulations are constantly changing, and thinking creatively is an important skill that many accounting firms in Overland Park desire. The ability to find solutions for clients with unique needs, find solutions to complex problems, and network with other professionals to share ideas is key to developing both creative and critical thinking skills.

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Accounting firms in Overland Park, like Pro 31 (located just 15 minutes south in Louisburg, KS) understand the need for soft skills in the field of accounting. Learning better ways to communicate as a firm staff member or with clients is essential to success. We value our clients, and how we communicate with them is important. Give our Louisburg office a call at (913) 837-3131 or contact us online to connect with a team member who can determine how we can serve your accounting needs.