Whether it’s for your business’s payroll services or your own personal taxes, you want an Overland Park accountant that you can rely on for financial guidance.  Pro 31 Tax and Accounting knows just how important your finances are; that’s one of the many reasons our Louisburg firm is considered one of the best accounting firms in Overland Park. 

Each member of the Pro 31 team has over ten years of accounting experience and will provide you with the personalized care and service that you expect for all of your finances.  This article will explain some of the most essential qualities you should be looking for in your accountant or Overland Park CPA. 


Your bookkeeping records are an essential part of your finances.  An Overland Park accountant should send you monthend reports showing your revenue and expenses while determining what you can do to be more profitable.   

Your accountant should also be able to access any financial documentation you need at a moment’s notice.  Whether you need a previous year’s tax return or an invoice, a well-organized accountant will be there for you at any time of need. 

Overland Park accountant

Stays Current with Accounting Trends 

Financial trends can change quickly, and it’s your accountant’s job to stay on top of the best ways to manage your finances.  Whether it’s changes to Overland Park tax preparation or modified payroll regulations, a good accountant will not miss a beat and keep all of your finances in good order. 

Focuses on the Details 

Accountants must be able to process and analyze data quickly and efficiently.  If your accountant finds any errors or inconsistencies, they should be able to diagnose them and repair them quickly.  Accountants should be accustomed to dealing with lots of data on a regular basis and then relaying this information to their clients in a way that makes it easy to understand. 

Overland Park accountant

Open Communication 

Your accountant in Overland Park should communicate regularly with you to ensure that they can be a trusted resource for your finances.  Communication is critical for any relationship, and it’s hard to develop a bond without open dialogue.  When you are searching for an Overland Park accountant, make sure it is someone who firmly believes in open communication. 

Overland Park accountant

If you are looking for an accountant with all the qualities listed above, turn to Pro 31 Tax and Accounting.  Although our office is based in Louisburg, our team specializes in accounting, payroll, and tax services in Overland Park.  Whether it’s for your personal or business financial concerns, our team of experts will provide you with the best service and guidance of any accounting firms in Overland Park. 

Give our Louisburg office a call today at (913) 837-3131 or contact us online to speak to a Pro 31 team member.