Many people pick a home insurance company in Overland Park at random without really looking at what’s covered. This can be dangerous because whatever company you pick can either make or break your financial security. An insurance claim on your home in Overland Park can range in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the home and area.


According to Kiplinger, having the right coverage is essential to ensure the protection of your home, family, and financial future. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when picking an Overland Park insurance company or policy according to a Louisburg accounting firm.


  • Make sure to read your coverage and understand its limitations. Know the area that you live and the type of claims that people have. For Instance, if you live in an area prone to flooding, make sure your Overland Park home has flood damage insurance. This seems like it would be automatic, but it is not. According to many accounting firms in Louisburg it is wise to ask for certain kinds of coverage upfront to ensure that you are covered.


  • Understand that only specific events are covered. For Instance, back to our water damage example, if your house gets flooded by a brutal storm, the coverage would be different than if you had a pipe burst inside your home and flooded it. Some people have coverage for one, both, or neither. A premier accountant in Louisburg, like Pro 31, knows that it’s imperative to understand that coverage isn’t one size fits all.

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  • A basic insurance plan usually only covers the repair of the damage and not necessarily the quality that you would like. For instance, if your roof has damage, the insurance company might pay for you to have a comparable roof repair to what you had before, but it might not match completely. This can leave Overland Park homeowners less than thrilled. When you have roof insurance, they will replace the entire roof to ensure that everything is not just repaired but restored to the original quality and is still aesthetically appealing.


  • Insurance companies are not required to let you know dangers in your area, give you recommendations on coverage, or let you know about things that might be an issue. For example, you might be in a really hot area, and roof damage is always an issue, but an insurance agent tells you roof coverage isn’t available. That might be the case with that particular company, but another insurance carrier in Overland Park might have the coverage you need for your area. Accountants in Louisburg recommend that you never take no for an answer when it comes to insurance coverage. If you think you need it, then look for a company that offers it.


It all comes down to money when dealing with most insurance companies. It’s essential to do your own research and know what you need and what you are willing to pay for. Find a company with a good reputation in your area for providing quality service.

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At Pro 31, a Louisburg accounting firm located just south of Overland Park, we understand the importance of picking the right insurance company and coverage for your home. Planning for household and small expenses is equally important, and we can help you plan for the future, so you are fully prepared for them.


Our team of experts provide small business accounting and payroll services in Louisburg. Pro 31 also offers these services, and more, to numerous surrounding communities, including Overland Park, Olathe, Paola, and others.

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