Running your own small business has plenty of stress, as most business owners know.  Whether it’s scheduling, sales, or maintaining your space, the laundry list of things to keep updated is never-ending.  Of course, then what do you do about your Overland Park payroll services? 

Pro 31 Tax and Accounting is based in Louisburg, only about 20 minutes south of Overland Park, and we’re here to help lighten your load as a business owner.  Our team specializes in payroll services in Overland Park and will ensure that your staff’s payroll is the last thing you should have to worry about for your business.  Some of the benefits of using Pro 31 as your payroll accountant in Overland Park are: 

  • Security 
  • Avoid Mistakes or IRS Penalties 
  • Reduces Costs 
  • Saves Time 


Payroll involves confidential information for your employees, and you want to make sure your staff’s information stays secure.  Using Pro 31 as a dedicated partner specializing in your business’s Overland Park payroll services will give you the peace of mind that everyone’s information is safe.   

With all the security breaches that we hear about on the news, it is scary to think what could happen if someone’s personal information gets in the wrong hands.  An Overland Park accounting firm (based in Louisburg) like Pro 31 will be able to spend more time monitoring suspicious activity than you might be able to as a business owner.  

Overland Park payroll services

Avoid Mistakes or IRS Penalties 

Small businesses can be subject to fines or penalties from the IRS if their taxes are filed incorrectly or untimely.  Getting caught up in litigations and phone calls with the IRS can take you away from your daily business operations.  Pro 31 will ensure that all taxes are prepared accurately and on-time so that you can focus on your business instead of dealing with the IRS. 

Reduces Costs 

If your business has a dedicated employee to handle your payroll, calculate the number of hours they spend on payroll duties every month.  It can add up quickly, which may not be a cost-effective way to run your business.  Hiring Pro 31 to handle your payroll services in Overland Park will help free-up your employees to handle items directly related to your business. 

Overland Park payroll services

Saves Time 

Handling payroll weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a month can be timeconsuming.  Not to mention the extra time you will have to spend in January preparing W2s.  Leave it to Pro 31, your small business accountant in Overland Park, to take care of all your payroll needs.  Each one of our Overland Park accountants has more than ten years of experience in Overland Park payroll services.  Although our office is based in Louisburg, our team has been helping Overlnad Park businesses for year.

Overland Park payroll services

As you can see, Pro 31 Tax and Accounting is a great asset to have for your business.  For more information, give our Louisburg office a call at (913) 837-3131.  We look forward to hearing from you.